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Las Vistas - Farmington Real Estate


Introduction - Preserving a Timeless Experience

The Vision - A different kind of development
The Area - Features of the Four Corners area
Preservation - A magnificent landscape, just as it is

The Land - Land for sale with terrain of incredible variety
Site Plan - Map of lots for sale, with detailed info in PDF format
Price List - Available lots for sale and pricing
Brochures - Downloadable brochure about Las Vistas Real Estate
Landowners Association - Downloadable documents
EcoTRAN Sewer Systems - Downloadable info, catalog and manual

Farmington Real Estate - The culture and amenities nearby
Schools - Map and info about Farmington area schools
Recreation - Links to golf and skiing in the area

Builders - Las Vistas builders contact information

Gallery - Photos of the subdivision, landscape and views

Contact Us - And travel resources