Farmington land for sale, homesites surrounded by diverse open space
A very different kind of development
The Land  
Real estate subdivision with natural features
Years and years of water pouring over stone.
All lots for sale have unique character
Landscape with unique character.
Land for sale with views and wildlife

The topography of Las Vistas is as varied as the surrounding area. Every single parcel is completely unique, with a character all its own. With different views in different directions, and incredible variety in the terrain, no two lots for sale are alike. Or even similar! The building sites are carefully situated to make the best use of the landscape and the long views, and yet feel private and secluded.
The 120 acre subdivision is full of canyons, arroyos, dry washes and sloping hillside. Cedar, dwarf juniper, pinion and a variety of ground cover are prominent throughout the property. When it rains, small waterfalls are created and streams flow gently through the arroyos.
Las Vistas is a preservation minded development. In local real estate, it is truly unique to find land for sale with such an emphasis on the natural terrain. In the spirit of pristine, uninterrupted views, all utilities are underground. Additionally, a common area designated for recreational storage allows the best use of the lots for living space, and open space.
This diverse topography of the subdivision is the perfect habitat for many species of wildlife. Swallows swooping down from above and rabbits scurrying by are a daily occurrence at Las Vistas. As the sun rises and sets, and even at night, the landscape changes as different shadows and colors are cast across it.